Welcome to Tofino's longest-running website. You are probably not reading this from Canada's favorite beach & adventure town... yet. But hopefully you are planning your trip here, because this is the best place to start your travel research. Enjoy!

Top Five Autumn Activities in Tofino:

  1. Surfing: You already know this, but surfing is cool. It's super fun, and it's incredibly accessible to surfers of all levels in Tofino. If you don't know what you're doing take a lesson from one of the many surf schools we have here. If you are already geared up and have some questions, stop by your local surf shop and ask away. Just don't miss out on the opportunity to get your surf on.
  2. Take Out Dining: From quaint funky diners to world class restaurants on the ocean, Tofino has it all in terms of dining experiences. With Covid-19 restrictions in place, the restaurants might seem busier than normal, so we suggest you order take-out for the beach or get cozy and bring it back to your accommodation.
  3. Hiking: One of the best kept shoulder-season secrets in Tofino is hiking. Why, you ask? If it's raining, you'll have great rain gear and won't notice that much because you'll be in an old growth rainforest. If it's not raining the winter weather in Tofino is incredible and the light is even more spectacular. Get your hiking boots on and go!
  4. Paddle Boarding: Flat water SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) is the new sea kayaking (we like sea kayaking too!). Tofino's inlet waters are often calm in the winter, and can offer tranquil, almost otherworldly experiences. If you don't have a lot of experience (and we mean if you're not an expert), hire a guide. Paddle boarding and kayaking in the inlets is safe if you know what you're doing, but the winter conditions can be dangerous without a lot of ocean and paddle board knowledge.
  5. Help Keep our Beaches Clean: Phew! We didn't anticipate how busy things would get over the past few months. With many Canadians avoiding urban travel, Tofino became a very busy little town. While most visitors have been very respectful, unfortunately there were some folks coming to town who were less-than-respectful. Do your part for the town's visitors and residents and pick up after yourself and leave the beaches and trails cleaner than you found them. It will make your visit more rewarding in the end.

Winter Surfing in Tofino

Fall is Surfing Season

Tofino calls itself the Surf Capital of the Canada for a reason. Whether you're new to the sport, a seasoned veteran, fall and winter has a beach for every surfer. Bring or rent a 5mm hooded wetsuit and don't forget your 'booties' and gloves because the water and the air temperatures are cold -- but not cold enough to keep you from having a ton of fun!

restaurants and seafood

Fall and Winter Dining

Fall and winter are foodie seasons in Tofino! With Covid-19 restrictions it's strongly encouraged to order take-out. Most restaurants are servicing to-go orders and some are even delivering right to your vacation rental or hotel door. Many of our restaurants offer covered outdoor seating with overhead heaters and blankets. Oh, and did we mention winter is seafood season? Enjoy!

Hiking Cox Bay

Go Hiking

Most of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is open with few Covid-19 restrictions and all of the District of Tofino's hiking trails are open. Whether it's on a beach or in the rainforest, fall and winter hiking in Tofino is incredibly rewarding. Bring your raingear and a sense of adventure because there are tons of trails and beaches to choose from. And if you happen to get blessed with good weather, this season is the best lighting for photography and sunset viewing. Enjoy the healthy fresh air!

Getting to Tofino

While it is possible to fly directly to Tofino, most folks drive in their own vehicle. As such, we've prepared a getting here page, which details the amazing drive out to the wonderful west coast. We also have a full page of maps.