Bald Eagle catching a fish in Tofino

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About Tofino Guide

Over the past 21 years, this website has tried to offer objective and accurate information to our visitors. We published the print version of Tofino Guide 6 years ago to add valuable information about hiking and sightseeing to our list of accommodation and activity providers.

For more information about Tofino Guide -- the book -- please visit this page.

Platenius FamilyTofino Guide is one aspect of Tofino Internet Services Ltd., a small publishing and marketing company operated by Tofino residents John and Sarah Platenius. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you feel we should take another, perhaps more closer look at any of the information we have provided on this website or in the print version of the guide.

A portion of the proceeds from this business go directly to local preservation-minded organizations to ensure the protection and future sustainability of this environmental treasure we call home. 2018 marks our 21th year online and we now see tens of thousands of visitors to our website every month. Thanks for bringing us along!

-Your Tofino Guides; April, 2018