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About Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

You can read the full version of Tofino's history here, or you can trust us that in 2000 years a lot has changed but little is different.

Any writing about Tofino needs to include something about the awesome winter rains, so our About Tofino section will focus on the wonderful wetness that makes us who and what we are.

When it rains here it pours

And when it doesn't pour, it surely sprinkles and if you're lucky to dodge the sprinkles, you're likely to find yourself standing in a perma-mist. As a general precipitation rule, Clayoquot Sound is on record as one of the wettest places in North America.

How wet is wet?  In 1995, Clayoquot Lake, 24 km from Tofino as the raven flies, received 6,460 millimetres (6.5 meters) of rainfall (for the Metrically Challenged, that’s 7 yards, or 258 inches or 21.5 feet). This gives us the official designation of the soggiest location in North America where measurements are recorded.

Despite this wealth of fresh water, Tofino still experiences water shortages every July and August at the height of our tourism season.  Tofino’s water source is the striking Mount Colnett on Meares Island. Here, many streams contribute to different water lines that cross Browning Passage to the town of Tofino. Technically, there is never a water shortage in Tofino – there is simply a shortage water storage facilities. This was all made nationally famous on the Labour Day Weekend of 2006, when media from all over Canada descended on Tofino to report that the town was officially closed due to a dangerously low municipal water supply. Thankfully, this has all been mitigated with a new water storage facility and an upgraded reservoir on Meares Island, near the source.

Tofino Postal Code & Phone Numbers

The Postal Code for Tofino is V0R 2ZO.  The Post Office is located at 1st and Campbell Streets
at the only traffic light in town.

All local phone numbers start with (250) 725-
except for local cell phones, which often start with the prefix 726- or 266-. As of July, 2008, dialers need to enter the full area code and phone number to dial out local calls.

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