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Winter Accommodation in Tofino: 2018/2019

We love Tofino in the winter. When the first big rain arrives, there's a cleansing feeling; sheets of rain pull the stress out of the air. You can sense a renewed calm in the town and on the beaches as residents go back to their normal lives: commuting to work, sharing a story over coffee, or sitting by the woodstove with a glass of wine.

This isn't to say that tourism doesn't happen in Tofino in the wintertime -- quite the opposite in fact. Many visitors have discovered the relaxed nature of Tofino between November and March, and once you discover this feeling, you may never visit in the summer again. Sure, it rains. It rains a lot. It rains so much sometimes that it drives the town mad. But you'll only be here for a few days, so don't worry about the insanity part. Bring good rain gear, a good sense of adventure, and prepare to get outside and relax in all sorts of conditions.

Need to Know

There's lots of good news about winter hotels and vacation rentals in Tofino's winter season. Here's our Top Five:

  1. Winter is affordable. In the slowest times of Tofino's winter, you can stay in a waterfront hotel for under $100/night. Read that sentence again. Take advantage of the first three weeks of December and the last three weeks of January, which are historically the most affordable times to visit Tofino.
  2. Winter is rejuvenating. Some people say it's the extra negative ions falling from the sky and some say it's the powerful wave energy pulsing in from storms on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Whatever it is, Tofino feels different in the winter: bring good raingear and good boots and get outside to enjoy.
  3. Winter is romantic. Yes, walking in the rain with a loved one is romantic. But even more romantic is arriving back to your hotel or rental home after getting soaking wet and uncorking a bottle of red wine in your bathrobe by the fireplace.
  4. Winter is hot tub season. Many vacation rentals and some hotels have hot tubs. If there's ever a time and a place to take advantage of this, it's between November and March in Tofino.
  5. Winter is hiking season. Despite the fact that the days are short, there are plenty of hours to get outside and walk the many beaches and boardwalk trails that Tofino has on offer. We particularly like remote beach hikes in the winter, when you might just happen upon a Japanese glass float that washed up in a Pacific storm.

On Making Reservations

If there's ever a time to arrive last minute in Tofino, it's the winter season. However, please remember that holidays and weekends can still fill up at popular hotels and resorts, so don't expect that your favourite place will be available without some planning.

Vacation rentals and resorts do tend to alter their prices if there isn't a lot of demand, so don't be afraid to wait a little while before booking if you're not too picky about the exact location. You may wind up saving considerably if you book your accommodation a week or two in advance, rather than months out.

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