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Tofino Accommodations: Spring and Summer, 2018

While it continues to look like a busy summer will arrive in Tofino again this year, it is worth noting that spring can often bring special (reduced) rates and lots of vacancy surprises.

If you know when you are planning on heading this way in the summer and you haven't booked your accommodation yet, book it now. If you are uncertain when you'd like to come to Tofino, consider travelling in the spring. The weather may be a bit less predictable, however you may luck out and get some sun. Remember it is often foggy in the summer months - especially August (or Fogust as locals will often say). Even if your spring vacation in Tofino is filled with rain, it will be a lot less busy and the price you'll pay for your hotel or vacation rental will be much less than what you'd pay in peak months.

Regardless of when you travel, we hope you find the right place for your needs. Enjoy your trip!

Need to Know

Finding accommodations in in our little town isn't that difficult, especially if you think ahead a little bit. Tofino has quickly become a year-round destination for travellers the world over, which has some consequences as far as renting accommodations is concerned. For instance, if you are traveling on a limited budge or making last minute plans, you may want to rethink your summer trip and plan on visiting Tofino in the Whale Watching Season (late February through March) or the Storm Watching Season (November through February) when it is much quieter and quite quaint.

The price of accommodations is often more affordable if you are traveling in the months before June or after September. The reduced cost, availability and the good chance that you'll get to do some storm watching has made the winter season in Tofino a trendy way to vacation. Surfers also prefer this time of year, as winter storms can produce exceptional surfing conditions.

If you are on a budget, look closer to the town's centre for the most affordable hotels and house rentals. As you get closer to the beach, accommodations increase in price. The most expensive resorts, hotels and vacation homes are usually the ones located on the shores of Chesterman Beach -- and for good reason, it's an incredible place to stay!

On Making Reservations

We can't stress enough that planning ahead is very important if you are visiting Tofino in the summer season (late June through the first week of September). There is a good chance that you will find yourself homeless if you show up in town without accommodations during this time of the year. Many people have spent the night in the ditch simply because they thought that Tofino was the same little fishing village that they visited in 1969. Well times have changed and the seasonal Tofino accommodations scene is a perfect reflection of these different days.

Now your Tofino activities will be filled with frothy lattes, 4 star restaurants and steams in the spa. But for those of you looking for adventure with your comfortable room, don't be alarmed - there is still wilderness to be had. There are more remote beaches in Clayoquot Sound than a lifetime of discovery could find. And the thrill seekers can go whale watching on a Zodiac or head offshore for some great salmon or halibut fishing. And of course there are still lots of things that will hearken you back to that quaint little fishing village that everyone remembers so fondly...

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