Dinner on the beach in Ucluelet

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Ucluelet Bed and Breakfasts

Ucluelet has a long and distinguished history with bed and breakfasts. The town embraced B&Bs from the early days of tourism on the west coast with stunning waterfront homes like Reef Point B&B and A Snug Harbour Inn.

These days, with tourism booming in 'Ukee' (Ucluelet's affectionate nick name), you'll find a plethora of other accommodation options like vacation rentals and high end resorts. Many of these properties will be perched over the ocean, highlighting the town's magnificent rocky shoreline. If you haven't yet experienced Ucluelet's stunning shoreline, we highly recommend a trip -- whether it's a day trip from Tofino or a vacation onto itself.

About Bed and Breakfasts

Not all B&Bs in Ucluelet are located on the ocean, but many or most are within a short walk or a very short drive. Many a located within walking distance to the famous Wild Pacific Trail.

When finding rental accommodations in Ucluelet, make sure to know if the rental is. The town if fairly spread out, with different districts like Millstream, Rainforest Drive, and of course the town centre.