Skateboarding in Tofino at Skate Park

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Tofino Skatepark at the Village Green

This well designed, modern and safe skateboarding area is a tremendous asset to Tofino's youth. We are so fortunate to have this gem in our community. Each year in July, hundreds of spectators gather to watch the high-flying antics of skateboard enthuiasts in the Annual Tuff City Skate Competition - one more event that adds to the diversity and excitement in lovely downtown Tofino.

The Tofino Skate Park was built with the conviction and foresight of local residents who banned together to raise enough money to provide a place for youth (and a few parents!) to gather and grind out their collective frustrations and glee.

The skatepark is located at Third and Campbell in the Tofino Village Green along with a kids play area that showcases four slides, swings, monkey bars and a few other bells and whistles. There are public washrooms in the Village Green and a gazebo to picnic in stormy weather.

What's "The Village Green"?

  • Tofino's most central public bathrooms
  • Lovely open lawn area
  • Excellent skatepark
  • Children's play area, including a cute mini-zip line
  • Covered gazebo
  • Basketball court
  • Two tennis courts