A stand-up paddle boarder in Tofino

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T'ashii Canoe & Paddleboarding School

A unique stand up paddle board experience in Tofino. T'ashii's focus is getting on the water, having fun, and exploring. Paddle the inlet and explore marine and rainforest ecology on a guided SUP tour with tips for beginners. For more experienced paddlers, T'ashii offers specialized lessons and excursions to the more remote areas of Clayoquot Sound.

Local (250) 266-3787  •  Toll free 1-855-883-3787

info@tofinopaddle.com  •  Tofino, BC

Tofino Paddle Surf

Tofino Paddle Surf offers Standup Paddle (SUP) tours, lessons, rentals and retail in Tofino. Quality instruction and guiding focusing on equipment orientation, ocean safety, skill practice, surf etiquette, and an appreciation for our coastal environment.

1119 Pac Rim Hwy, Tin Wis Best Western Resort - MacKenzie Beach  •  Tofino, BC

Phone (250) 266-1997  •  Email: info@tofinopaddlesurf.com

About Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Early Polynesian cultures invented stand-up paddle boarding (SUP'ing), which is now the fastest growing water sport in the world. SUP'ing is similar to surfing, but instead of paddling the board and then standing up with the speed of a wave, one stands on a larger board and uses a paddle to move through the water. 

Paddle boarding can take place in the surf or on calm water. The sport is not usually considered "extreme," and it is much less challenging than surfing for beginners. SUP'ing provides your body with a great workout, focussing on core strengthening. The sport is quickly taking off in Tofino because --similar to sea kayaking -- it provides excellent access to the calm inlets and sandy beaches throughout our area.

We strongly recommend taking at least one paddle boarding lesson before you rent or buy the equipment.

Stand-up paddle boards are available for rent in the town of Tofino and on MacKenzie Beach. The rental outfit will debrief you on SUP safety and etiquette, the safety tips at the right (or below) into consideration.

SUP Safety:

  • Always wear your leash when you are in the water. Always.
  • Take a SUP lesson. It's fun, inexpensive and well worth your time. Learning from a professional will make the sport safer for you and safer for those around you.
  • The size and weight of paddle boards -- along with the sharp paddles -- make paddle boards more dangerous than surfboards when crashing through the surf. Do not paddle your board out into surf where other folks are present on surfboards or boogie boards, unless you are a very accomplished SUP'er and have extensive surfing experience. Even if you are an accomplished SUP'er, try to find a wave that isn't crowded. And remember that at least 90% of the surfers in Tofino are beginners and will not be able to move out of your way.
  • Weather and ocean conditions in and around Tofino change quickly and without notice. As with all water sports, do not venture out far from shore unless you have the proper safety and emergency gear as well as an in-depth knowledge of the region's tides and currents (see #5 and #6, below).
  • If you are going on a paddle boarding expedition (meaning, you are not surfing close to shore, near a helping hand), make sure to tell a trusted contact your planned route, where you are going and when you will be back. Provide your contact instructions on what to do if you do not return at the planned day and time. On your return, be sure to inform your contact that you have arrived home safe.
  • If you are on a paddle boarding expedition, always wear a life jacket with an attached whistle, carry a throwline (min. 15 metres long). These are Canadian Coast Guard regulations and they are in place for a reason -- these regulations save lives.