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Tofino Surfing Forecast for Today: Monday, August 2021

Chesterman Beach Surf Forecast:

Surfing at Chesterman Beach

Chesterman Beach is Canada’s most popular beach for folks learning how to surf. In 2010, Outside Magazine declared Chesterman “one of the best beginner breaks in North America.”

Located about 8 minutes drive from central Tofino, with ample parking, this is the most accessible beach of all.   There are two parts to Chesterman’s: South and North.

South Chesterman Beach faces roughly south, so it is a good place to surf if there is a south swell and a northwest wind (the wind rarely arrives from due north). Access to this part of the beach is  just off Pacific Rim Highway on Chesterman Beach Road. There is a bathroom facility in the parking lot with cold outside showers to rinse off after your session.

North Chesterman Beach faces roughly west (this beach used to be referred to as West Chesterman's). This is a good place to surf if the swell direction is west or northwest and the wind direction is southeast (the wind rarely arrives from due east). Access to North Chesterman is through a large parking lot on Lynn Road. There is a bathroom and changeroom facility here at the beginning of the access trail.

Some folks refer to ‘Middle’ Chesterman as a geographic reference. This is accessed at the southern curve of Chesterman Beach Road and is the point where the sandspit (technically a ‘tombolo’) reaches out to Frank Island. This is a good place to get a strategic sense of the surfing conditions at South and North Chesterman, but rarely a surf spot unless the swell is extremely big and you are looking for a sheltered location. If this is the case, be hyper-aware of the strong rip current that develops here.

North and South Chesterman Webcams:

Cox Bay Surf Forecast:

Surfing at Cox Bay

Cox Bay is one of the most consistent surfing beaches in the summer months. The beach faces west and picks up smaller summer swells that often elude North Chesterman’s. Try this beach if the swell is small and from the west or northwest. Ideally you’ll want a southeast wind or no wind, but unfortunately both of these winds are rare in the summer.

The first access to Cox Bay is just south of the Cox Bay Visitor Centre: turn down Maltby Road and then left at the end of the short road into a parking lot. From the parking lot, go through the yellow gate down a short gravel trail through the forest to the beach. There is a composting toilet at the beach end of this trail.

The second access to Cox Bay is at Cox Bay Beach Resort across the road from the Cox Bay Visitor Centre. Park in the lot labelled public parking and walk the short boardwalk trail to the beach. There are bathroom and shower facilities at the parking lot.

Pacific Sands Resort and Long Beach Lodge have webcams on their roofs overlooking Cox Bay. These cameras can be a good way to check the surf from your hotel room or your mobile device. Sneaking through the grounds of Pacific Sands Beach Resort to check the surf is frowned upon. Please respect their private property.

Cox Bay Webcams:
Long Beach Lodge Cam
Pacific Sands Cam

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