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Surfing in Tofino has been growing in popularity for a number or reasons:

  • Surfing is Fun! People have latched onto surfing because it provides a relaxing break from the rest of the world. Yes, even Tofino gets busy sometimes.
  • Wetsuits aren't all that bad... although a clean tropical wave in surf trunks beats the pants off of a thick, damp wetsuit and rainy Tofino beach break anyday
  • Surfing is Cool. Major marketing has exploded around the surfing industry, and this is also the case in Tofino, BC. Many surf shops and surf schools have sprouted up
  • in and around Tofino.
  • Wetsuits look good. It's hard to deny that everyone looks better in a wetsuit, which is certainly one of the reasons in the growth of Tofino Surf Culture.
  • There are many great surf breaks in the Tofino area, most of which are accessible by car or the Tofino Beach Bus.
  • Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a totally different activity. See this page for more information.

Pacific Surf School

Tofino Surf Guide

Tofino Surfing Lessons and Surf Shops

Bruhwiler Surf Camp

We offer co-ed and women's surf camps, lessons for everyone and lots of fun. Book a lesson or a camp to learn wave knowledge, ocean safety and of course lots of surfing techniques!

311 Olsen Rd  •  Tofino, BC

(250) 726-5481  •

Live to Surf

Tofino's original surf shop, open since 1984. We stock a huge selection of surfboards, wetsuits, movies and surf accessories. We also offer lessons for beginners, groups, and private instruction. Shop in our store, or check out our website for a great online surf shop.

1180 Pacific Rim Highway  •  Tofino, BC

(250) 725-4464  •

The Original Tofino Travel Company

All-Inclusive Surf Camps in Tofino, Canada. Join us in Tofino for a unique rainforest surfing experience on beautiful Vancouver Island. Our 3 Day & 5 Day Tofino Surf Camps include daily surf lessons with expert instructors, surf gear for your lessons, accommodations, all meals, and a local guide to show you the very best Tofino has to offer.

1321 Pacific Rim Hwy  •  Tofino, BC 

Toll Free: 1 (844) 725-2202  •  Local: (250) 725-2202

Pacific Surf School

Offering an affordable and unforgettable surfing experience since 1998. Our certified surf instructors combine their local knowledge to offer you the most thorough surf lesson on the west coast. Beginner & advanced surf lessons and a fully stocked surf rental fleet makes us an easy stop for the whole family. Located beside STORM Surf Shop!

440 Campbell St  •  Tofino, BC

Toll free 1-888-777-9961, Local (250)725-2155

Storm Surf Shop Online

Tofino's Favourite Surf Shop also has an online store! Shop for wetsuits from great brands like Xcel, or check out our fantastic selection of Storm-brand hoodies, tee shirts and headwear. We've been providing exceptional service for almost twenty years, and we're happy to bring that great service right into your livingroom with our oniline surf shop.

444 Campbell St  •  Tofino, Canada

Phone: (250) 725-3344  •

Surf Sister

Our certified surf instructors teach men, women, boys and girls the passion of surfing in a supportive and fun setting. We also offer advanced and intermediate surfing sessions. Our classroom along the Pacific Ocean near Tofino, Canada is home to some of the most highly rated beaches in the world for beauty and for learning how to surf. Join us!

625 Campbell St •  Tofino, Canada

Toll free 1-877-724-SURF (7873)  •  Local (250) 725-4456

Tofino Surf Adventures

We do our teaching in the water! Spend more time in the water and learn to stand up faster. Offering group, family and private lessons for all skill-levels, as well as surf guiding to help you find the best waves of the day.

450 Campbell St  •  Tofino, BC

Toll free 1-855-725-3119, Local (250) 725-3119

Tofino Surf Guide

Take a private surf lesson or a charter the surfing trip of your lifetime with professional surfer, Raph Bruhwiler. For intermediate to advanced surfers.

311 Olsen Rd  •  Tofino, BC

(250) 726-5481  •

Tofino Surf Hub

Book online and save up to 30% on Tofino surf lessons and equipment rentals.
Simple. Convenient. Affordable.

440 Campbell St  •  Tofino, BC

Toll free 1-888-777-9961, Local (250)725-2155

Five tips for planning a Surfing Holiday:

  1. Find accommodations well in advance of your surf trip
    We can't say this enough in the summer months. This includes camping - a good campsite in Tofino is often harder to find than a hotel room. Many of Tofino's surf schools offer packages with lessons or camps that include some type of accommodation.
  2. Rent wisely
    There are many surf shops in Tofino that have good surfing equipment and comparable prices. Find a shop that suits your needs.  Keep in mind that the ocean temperature is not tropical and that generally a surf session lasts only an hour or two before you need to warm up.  If you are a first timer surfer, lessons are highly recommended. Look here for information about renting stand up paddle boards.
  3. Be safe!
    Surfing is not a la-la sport, and Tofino's beaches are not a safe haven. Learn all of the local water and weather conditions before going out. While we do offer a good surf report, the best way to get the skinny on which beach to head out is to find safe, quality surf instruction. When in doubt, follow the advice on the surf etiquette signs put up at the beaches by the Surfrider Foundation: "When in doubt, don't paddle out." (Thanks, Surfider!)
  4. Avoid the crowds
    If you're a beginning surfer, don't just look for where people are surfing and then paddle out into the lineup. Take a surfing lesson from one of the local surf schools, or at least start out in the white water on a calm day. Paddling out into a crowd of surfers will end up in a bloody, messy, and confrontational situation. Surfing is supposed to be fun, remember?
  5. Do some local research
    Tofino has many many surf breaks. All of the surf breaks are different, and one may be good on the same day that a nearby break is terrible. Take some time to learn why surfing conditions are so variable, and investigate as many surf spots as you can. Now use that new knowledge to find your perfect Tofino surfing getaway.

Before you paddle out, you can find some helpful advice on safe surfing from this webpage:

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