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Serving Tofino and Ucluelet with professional wedding and event planning and execution. We are Tofino and Ucluelet's local specialist.

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RedCan Gourmet Catering

Our catering team is ideally suited for large weddings as well as private, in-house dinner parties. Our catering menus are adaptable to the wedding or special event that you want for your special day. Chef May will help make your celebration a culinary night to remember.

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Salty Dolls Hair Salon

Specializing in en-suite appointments, we believe this day is for you to relax and enjoy as much as possible! Be pampered in your accommodations, where an award winning stylist will come to you for your hair and makeup services. Or come into the shop downtown Tofino, complete with an incredible ocean view! Full hair and makeup services available.

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About Weddings in Tofino

Many brides-to-be dream of getting married on the beach. Tofino's spectacular beaches, waterfront resorts and the diversity of accommodation options has made our little town a very popular place for weddings.

If you are planning a Tofino wedding, we suggest following these three simple suggestions:

Plan, organize and plan some more

A wedding party at a beach resorts may be booked a year in advance, so make sure that you have your planning cap firmly mounted on your head.

Hope for sun, plan for rain

July and August usually provide sunny weather in Tofino, but this doesn't guarantee a sunny and calm ceremony.

A wise wedding planner will think the weather scenarios through. including a scenario for high winds. We've been to a September beach wedding in the rain, and it was quite lovely - large umbrellas for Grandma, the bride, groom and the wedding official was all that was needed. As it turns out, gumboots and rain gear can compliment wedding dresses and suits!

RedCan Gourmet: Catering, Take-out and Pizza in Tofino

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are a wonderful option if you are renting a large portion of a beach resort or having a very small ceremony.

If you have a large wedding party and don't have the means to rent space at a beach resort, remember that all of your guests and equipment have to get down to the beach. Pick a location that has fairly easy access and lots of good parking.