Rainbow over a Salmon Fishing Boat

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Weather Forecast for Tofino, BC

No watches or warnings in effect, Tofino

Current Conditions: 12.1C

Friday: Chance of showers. High 16. POP 30%

Friday night: Chance of showers. Low 13. POP 30%

Saturday: Rain. Temperature steady near 15.

Saturday night: Cloudy periods. Low 11.

Sunday: A mix of sun and cloud. High 18.

Sunday night: Cloudy. Low 12.

Source: Tofino - Weather - Environment Canada

Tofino Weather Station, located at the Long Beach Airport

Locals say, stand outside and face north to Lone Cone Mountain on Meares Island.  If you cannot see Lone Cone, it’s raining.  If you can see Lone Cone that means it’s about to rain. 

Beyond that, call Tofino’s weather station and a “real human” will tell you the forecast during regular business hours.  Locals will also tell you, there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

Phone the Weather Station: 250-725-3384

A Note on Stormwatching

By now you may know that Stormwatching in Tofino is a popular excuse to take a trip here in the Winter months.

If you are lucky enough to be here during storm-force winds, you will understand the allure: Nature's Force is stronger than a Jedi's. It's impossible to plan ahead for a stormy trip to Tofino, but it's increasingly popular for folks to check the weather a week in advance and see a big low pressure system on it's way and say "Heh Honey - there's a storm brewing off the West Coast. How about a trip to Tofino?" We realize this is the opposite of the way most people plan a vacation. But once you've experienced the power of the storm, you will understand the allure.

See this page for a detailed article on Stormwatching.

Plan for Rain

If you aren't planning on Stormwatching during your trip to Tofino, we suggest that you do plan for rain. Many a visitor has been caught in Tofino during a freak storm, wishing she had brought her raingear and gumboots.

Changing of the Seasons

Because Tofino is located at the 49th Paralell, we experience somewhat dramatic shifts of light as the season's change. While winter can be harsh, it's an exceptional time for photos – photographers drool at the sight of our epic light patterns. Your best bet to experience Tofino's awe-inspiring winter light is to get out to any beach on a day where the sun threatens to peak through a storm. This is a common winter weather pattern in Tofino which is usually initiated when the wind switches from southeast to southwest.

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